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Preparation Before your Colour Appointment

  • Make sure you come ready to your colour appointment with clean, dry and detangled hair. Excess oil on the scalp can act as a barrier against our colour products and may result in an uneven result.

  • Advise your stylist if you live rurally, sometimes farms or older homes can have copper pipes or water wells which can add excessive amounts of minerals to your water supply which can react to our products.

  • Please let your stylist know if you have had any medical procedures or if you have been under anaesthetic in the last 2 years and if you are currently on any medications. Taking certain medications can cause our bodies to be sensitive to colour services. This information is vital to your stylist as we may need to make an adjustment to what colour products we can apply to your hair to get the best outcome.

  • Most importantly let your stylist know if you have ever had a reaction to hair colour or felt any discomfort at your last hair colour appointment.

Aftercare for Coloured hair

  • We recommend using a full Keune range, including shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioning masque to extend the longevity of your colour

  • We recommend maintaining your blonde with a follow-up toner refresh appointment every 2-4 weeks. Adding a Head Rush Ritual Treatment to a toner refresh appointment can help with manageability.

  • When heat styling your hair it is vitally important to apply a liberal amount of heat protection root to tip and comb through prior to styling to ensure no damage occurs.

  • Be gentle when detangling your hair. We recommend using either a “Tangle Teaser” or a “Wet Brush” for easy separation of knots, pulling of hair while wet can cause breakage.